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Victory in the permafree battle

I recently decided to put the first installment of my military science fiction series, the Capicua Chronicles, up for free (perma-free) on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and a host of other platforms.

I did this with some trepidation. Giving away a book I’ve been working on (intermittently) for five years hurts like hell, but I’ve slowly come to realize that it’s a sensible strategy if the book is the first in a series and the author is unknown.

This is also a fine way to evaluate the quality of my writing. After all, if Descent into Mayhem sucks to high heaven, who on earth would consider picking up book II?

Getting my book perma-free on Amazon took some work. I waited until the Kindle Select period had expired before putting my book up on Smashwords and affiliated sites for free. I then had some friends give Amazon a friendly warning that my book was free on those other platforms and request a price match. This effort was not successful at all, and two weeks later my book was still regularly priced.

So I finally took the time to write up an email message detailing my marketing plan. KDP services replied in less than a day, warning that they reserved the right to price the book at their discretion, but that my proposal would nevertheless be submitted for review. The day after that email reply, Descent into Mayhem was free on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

If any writer wishes to do what I did, I recommend total candor with Amazon. If not, there’s always this group: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/126895-taming-amazon

A special thanks to all those group members for helping out a fellow author in need.

Anyway, for anyone out there interested in some mecha combat fun:

FREE on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and a host of other platforms, Descent into Mayhem is the first installment of the Capicua Chronicles, a military science fiction series featuring mobile suits and exoplanetary warfare:





Author interview with Circle of Books

Over the course of this last year, I have quietly observed as Circle of Books, a marketer and promoter of Indie and traditionally published books, has grown and branched out to become so much more than that.

Over this last weekend, I had the added privilege of being interviewed by them. I understand that this will be the first of many interviews, and believe that a multitude of Indie Authors will soon be benefitting from the added exposure. Word on my upcoming novel Tears of Gliese can be found here too:

Author Interview

Review: Clouds over Planet X by James Field

I’ve finished reading James Field’s Clouds over Planet X and would like to share my review for this fine sci-fi read:

Clouds over Planet X (The Cloud Brothers Book 3)

I read Clouds over Planet X without realizing that it was the third installment of a series. Was it followable? Well, it had me lost there for a while, trying to understand the plot and relate to characters whose development must certainly have taken place in books I and II. About one third of the way through the book this problem ceased to be important, though.

As a result, I recommend to all those who are considering reading this book to first pick up the preceding volumes; some books manage to stand tall all by themselves, but others, due to many critical events having taken place beforehand, deserve to be read in sequence in order to be better understood.

Having said that, I still consider Clouds over Planet X to be a very enjoyable book and recommend it to those who wish to block out reality for a few hours in favor of a skillfully crafted take on this universe.

The big detractor? I was left feeling that the climax was over all too quickly; this is a book that could have used a few dozen more pages of hard action. But maybe that’s just me looking for my action fix…

I should also add that the book had five typos in it (that I noticed), quite respectable for an indie-published book of that length, and the style of writing made for an easy, enjoyable read.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for a fair, honest and non-reciprocal review.

Website rising

Welcome visitors!

As an indie author who’s recently published his first novel, I have created this website with a dual purpose; to promote my work and the works of authors whose reviews have received three stars or more  from me.

The list is currently small and incomplete but I expect to add at least fifty two more titles to this website before the end of the year.

Please browse at your pleasure!