Review: Clouds over Planet X by James Field

I’ve finished reading James Field’s Clouds over Planet X and would like to share my review for this fine sci-fi read:

Clouds over Planet X (The Cloud Brothers Book 3)

I read Clouds over Planet X without realizing that it was the third installment of a series. Was it followable? Well, it had me lost there for a while, trying to understand the plot and relate to characters whose development must certainly have taken place in books I and II. About one third of the way through the book this problem ceased to be important, though.

As a result, I recommend to all those who are considering reading this book to first pick up the preceding volumes; some books manage to stand tall all by themselves, but others, due to many critical events having taken place beforehand, deserve to be read in sequence in order to be better understood.

Having said that, I still consider Clouds over Planet X to be a very enjoyable book and recommend it to those who wish to block out reality for a few hours in favor of a skillfully crafted take on this universe.

The big detractor? I was left feeling that the climax was over all too quickly; this is a book that could have used a few dozen more pages of hard action. But maybe that’s just me looking for my action fix…

I should also add that the book had five typos in it (that I noticed), quite respectable for an indie-published book of that length, and the style of writing made for an easy, enjoyable read.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for a fair, honest and non-reciprocal review.

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