My name is Bruno Goncalves and I am a science-fiction writer.

Here’s a little about myself:

I’ve had what might be referred to as a “colorful youth”. This is code for my having been born in Portugal and then raised in South Africa. I have at times called Rustenburg, Cape Town, Kinshasa and Durban home. After hopping about from school to school, house to house, city to city and country to country for twelve convoluted years, my family and I decided to move yet again, this time back to Portugal.

I spent the rest of my youth living in two different cities in the south of Portugal before receiving a loving kick in the butt up-country to the University of Coimbra. By the time I got there I guess I had some personal issues to resolve.

After a few aimless years I ended up turning my back to the academic life and joined the Portuguese Armed Forces, and that was where I slowly began to build myself into a decent human being (I hope). I’ve had many hiccups along the way, though.

Shortly after becoming a Police officer I found myself possessed by a burning need to put my overactive imagination to work (it helped a lot that I was quickly becoming bored with my new profession). Six years later I published my first book Descent into Mayhem and have a second one well on its way.

Awesome indie authors/reviewers/interviewers David Rose and Will Marck were gracious enough to interview me last year. Below are links to their interviews:

David Rose:               Review and author interview

Will Marck:               Author interview

PS: Feel free to click on their names and take a look at their excellent titles.

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