Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol: Book I by Joe Dacy II


Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol: Book I

Five stars!

My mind is officially blown. Give me a minute, I need to pick up the pieces.

Ok. Done. Now we can talk about Esquelle:

1. This has been said before but I can confirm that there’s a strong scent of Clancy in this book. Tom Clancy is an old-time favorite of mine, I´ve been needing that kind of fix for a while without knowing it;

2. The style of writing flows well and it allowed me to plow into the story with ease. It’s been a quite a while since an independently-published book had done this for me;

3. Important themes were explored, mostly about the technological future and a certain government’s efforts to hide key discoveries. These are powerful themes that have caught my imagination;

But, mostly, I can say that I’ve just finished reading a story which has meshed plot and characters together in a grand melee. The research put into Esquelle must have been a nightmare, but it was well worth the trouble! We all have our particular dislikes; mine is a great story ruined by lack of proper effort.

Esquelle was more than worth my time and, as a testament to this, I am writing this review at 01:45AM. Tomorrow (today) is my first working day in two weeks and I’ve lost my beauty sleep to finish this great read!

Kudos to the author!

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