Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One: A Novel

Five stars!

As books go this one was a hell of a ride for me.
But how will you know if you’ll enjoy this book? Here are a few questions:

1 – Did you grow up during the Eighties?
2 – Were you or are you presently hooked on World of Warcraft, Second Life or some other MMORPG?
3 – Are you a hopeless nerd?

If you can answer all three of the above-mentioned questions affirmatively you’re in for a treat! I personally was born in 1978 and experienced the decade as a runt, but still I remember it more clearly than the nineties. Weird, huh? I was also a dedicated WoW addict until the day I forced myself to cut the umbilical, not to mention the fact that I am, in fact, a certified nerd. As a result, Ready Player One spoke to me on multiple levels.

What are the book’s failings? I only noted one; there was a whole lot of exposition over the first hundred pages, although I consider it necessary to set the stage for the kickass carnival that comes afterwards. The author’s writing style flows well, however, and those hundred pages flew by quickly.

In all, this book is not only commendable, it’s also recommendable!

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