Red and the Wolf by E. A. Walker (short story)

Red and the Wolf

Five stars!

As a story, Red and the Wolf is loosely associated with the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale we all know, and it is a plain reminder that even the stories we grew up with can be rewritten into very interesting adult tales.

I would say the author writes with a very poetic prose, but that might confuse those already familiar with what is known as prose poetry. Instead I should say that she has managed to create powerful imagery through her writing; simply put, the writing quality is a step above what most indie authors produce nowadays.

The storyline itself gave me pause for some thought; as someone who has known only the modern version of the tale, I almost felt that a sacrilege had been committed. Some reading on the fairy tale and its origins, however, made it clear to me that many versions have existed over the centuries, including those that introduce a “werewolf” quality to the Big Bad Wolf. There are even versions where the wolf emerges victorious!

Either way, I believe that Red and the Wolf is a tale well worth reading and recommending, not only due to the storyline itself but also for the pure enjoyment of professionally crafted prose.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an objective and non-reciprocal review.

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