Teacher’s Pet by David Rose (short story)


Teacher’s Pet

Five Stars!

Teacher’s Pet is a wicked tale about false appearances, of how the very worst of personalities can often be successfully hidden behind a mask of innocence. My previous reads of the author’s short stories had already familiarized me with his writing style and wicked twists, but Teacher’s Pet is perhaps the epitome of what David Rose is capable of.

Into the lives of a group of adolescents a mysterious new teacher arrives, disturbing the delicate bonds that have slowly been forged among them. As one of the affected, young Becky cannot help but brood over how her love has been taken from her. A chance encounter between them will lead to a shocking confrontation.

Life isn’t always sweet or fair, and Mr. Rose is supremely adept at pointing this out for us. I would have loved to see this story continue onwards from its climax, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be; maybe we are meant to be left wondering at how it all panned out. Either way, I enjoyed this wicked little tale and recommend it as a quick but enticing read.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for an objective and non-reciprocal review.

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