The Vesta Conspiracy by Felix R. Savage

The Vesta Conspiracy: A Science Fiction Thriller (The Interplanetary War Series)

Five stars!

A very, very fun read! Had to stop halfway because it was 03H50 in the morning. Finished the rest today with only a tuna sandwich and yogurt between two sittings. So here’s my opinion:

– For those who dislike errors in grammar speckled across the pages, you’ll find only one of them in this book. Trust me, these things jump out at me like black on white (no pun intended). I suspect this error will probably be corrected in no time, though, so no worries;

– Plot was intricately interconnected and believable, which, coupled with a richly imagined universe, made for a very enjoyable ride;

– Dialogue was highly realistic and reflected the various characters’ personalities without fail. I consider this book a gem in that department; too many authors fail right here:

– Characters were many, diverse and had backgrounds well-meshed with the imagined universe. I found myself liking a few of them;

But there’s something else I’d prefer not to group together with the above points, and that is the fact that abundant humor is generated by the characters’ interactions and by the author’s writing style itself. I found myself enjoying this book and shirking my other duties about the house.

My method of awarding stars isn’t technical in nature. If I enjoy a book I give it four stars, but if I loved a book I won’t hesitate to give it five.

Seen from this perspective, I give this book fire stars!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for a fair and honest review.

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