Tribe of the Tiger by Joe Dacy II

Tribe of the Tiger

Five stars!

As a person who works in law enforcement, this book made me both laugh and cry (mind you, I mean this figuratively – please don’t envision a police officer whimpering while rolled up in a fetal position…).
Beautifully penned, Tribe of the Tiger wittingly portrays the potential collapse of our present legal system and its replacement by something both more effective and more… sinister, perhaps? The story follows several characters, all relatively devoid of back-story, yet very well fleshed out in terms of personalities and particular quirks, over the course of one hot, dry and very tense summer. It also leaps back in time to follow a selection of our ancestors in the same general location and under surprisingly similar circumstances.
Several important themes are explored and focus mostly on the human condition, the cyclic nature of history, and the blind and blundering path of our social evolution. This is surprising too, considering the amount of humor that is pressed between these pages. It is a book that ended quite differently from what I had expected and hoped, and thus forced me to do some thinking and personal emotional exploration. In retrospect, I am glad of this and I recognize the author’s “balls” in breaking the collection of fine porcelain dolls that is our legal system today.
In all, I highly recommend this book to all readers; it is both highly prosaic and fun to read, and the themes it explores are bound to leave you richer for having picked it up.
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an objective, honest and non-reciprocal review.

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