Initial Conditions by T. K. Flor


Initial Conditions

This, dear readers, is an inspiring book.

As a former student of physics engineering, I can easily relate to the sometimes horrifyingly high expectations workers in the field of physics are subject to, and I also happen to have a keen interest in recent discoveries. As a direct result, Initial Conditions was a read which had me scrambling enthusiastically to catch up to the epic assault on the unknown that our heroic physicists all over the world are engaged in. I enjoyed this book more than I should have. I think many others will too.

This book was very well written but somewhat sabotaged by slow pacing and a relatively undramatic climax. This might be my fault, of course; it seems that most books nowadays center on epic or apocalyptic events with cataclysmic climaxes galore. If their books aren’t good enough, why not put aliens in there somewhere to spice things up – that’s your average indie sci-fi author’s mentality. In a genre where the scope and scale of events are outrageous, one risks becoming desensitized and undervaluing more grounded stories.

Initial Conditions isn’t the abovementioned kind of book and I respect the author’s decision in this; this book, as she so clearly warns, is not quite a sci-fi but instead a serious work of fiction revolving around science. It also appears to have been properly edited and, aside the somewhat excessive use of adjectives in dialogue attribution, it is beautifully written.

In all, this is not a book for everyone but still a very worthwhile read for anyone who, like me, identifies with the subject matter and academic life in general.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for a fair, honest and non-reciprocal review.

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